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UPCOMING PROGRAMS (See the photos above)
~~~ Tuesday, February 20, 2018 - 6:30 p.m. RE-LIVING DING DARLINGS' COLORFUL LIFE 
Long time DM actor, Tom Milligan, gives his impression and history of the 2 time Pulitzer Prize winner Jay Norwood "Ding" Darling. 
The DMHS will host a program on one of Des Moines' most famous artists and conservationists.  "How Rich Will We Be 
When We Have Converted All Our Forests, All Our Soil, All Our Water Resources and Minerals to Cash?" (Editorial Cartoon Above)
Darling is very well-known for his 'cartoons' relating to World War 1, so this coordinates with the Remembrance of the 100th Anniversary of the U.S. entering the war and the soldiers, such as Merle Hay, whose names are a large part of Des Moines; he also drew a cartoon about the streetcars going out to Urbandale.  This website has some background information about Jay N. 'Ding'Darling - 


~ Tuesday, March 20 6:30, Franklin Av. Library - YOUNKERS family and Business - 
Presented by VICKI INGHAM - author of the book 'Younkers, the Friendly Store.'

When shoppers went to Younkers, they experienced something magical. Celebrities signed autographs, chefs gave cooking
demonstrations and Miss Universe discussed the latest styles in swimwear. The flagship store, a showplace in the heart of
downtown Des Moines, boasted dazzling selling spaces equipped with the first escalator and air conditioner in the state.
The Tea Room established a legendary reputation for its food, fashion shows and Theater Nights. A great place to work,
it gave thousands of teens their first paychecks and afforded hundreds of associates a lifelong career. Join Vicki Ingham
for Younkers' journey to become one of the most important department store chains in the Midwest.  

~April 9 - ELAINE ESTES - longtime DES MOINES LIBRARY Director brings you the history of The 
Des Moines library system and how it all started
~May 5 - 1:00 pm. - JERRY JEWETT - The early history of JEWETT LUMBER and how they helped
build Des Moines.
~June TBA - BILL KOOKER - RIVERVIEW PARK - his families' experiences managing this iconic park
~July TBA - LEO LANDIS - History of DES MOINES BASEBALL and how it transformed the national game of baseball. 
~ Friday, August 10 - RANDA LeJEUNE HOUSE TOUR - a beautiful, unique Victorian home in Sherman Hill *
~ September 9 - DMHS booth at the CONCOURS DE'ELEGANCE - learn about 'Auto Row' and how the automobile has been a part of Des Moines since the invention of motorcars. 
~October TBA - NORM MANDLEBAUM - speaks about the DES MOINES JEWISH COMMUNITY and how it has been a big part of the development of Des Moines - from the 1800's on ...

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The DMHS received donations of over $1,000 so the NSCDA contributed the additional $1,000 to Project 1843 at the Birthplace of Des Moines/Fort Des Moines II Memorial Cabin.
There is still work to be done, so please consider helping with a donation to improve the DM Birthplace Cabin. (Photo - Laura Kozin presenting the check to Jerry Tormey.)     

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