COMMUNICATION It promotes understanding History deserves a voice. It's the vehicle to understanding.  ​

COMMUNITY It's a support system. History is rooted in community. It offers diverse resources.

​As an organization, the Des Moines Historical Society believes: 

...history is important to maintaining and developing the character of a city.

...history brings a community together.

...preserving our past helps guide our path to the future. 

...history is meant to be shared. 

...bringing together like-minded individuals has greater impact. 

...we must stop the loss of Des Moines history.

...everyone has a story.  ​

...learning history can be fun, engaging and worthwhile.

Marlon Mormann

Vice President

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Breann Bye 


Karen Hanley

​Board Member

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Steve stimmel

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David Barzen


INTEGRITY History needs to be honest. History should not be manipulated for an agenda.

EDUCATION ​It helps us understand who we are. If we don't have knowledge, we are doomed to repeat our mistakes. If we don't educate, our history dies. Education helps us gain new perspectives.

Alex Payne

 Board Member

In the future, the Des Moines Historical Society will be the foremost authority on Des Moines history, with active members who are engaged in carrying out our mission. ​

DMHS will provide excellent educational programs in which members find personal value and in which they are given opportunities to study, research, discover and learn about Des Moines history. 

Our Values

Linda Powers

​Board Member

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The Des Moines Historical Society Board of Directors meets in regular session on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. These meetings are open to the public (but space is limited). If you would like to attend or if you have something you would like the board to address please send the request to: