PROject Updates

​The DMHS received donations of over $1,000 so the NSCDA contributed the additional $1,000. THANK YOU NSCDA!!! There is still work to be done, so please consider helping with a donation to improve the Des Moines Birthplace Cabin.

Project 1843

Preserving the birthplace of Des Moines​

PROject 1843

​'Project 1843' is to secure contributions for improvements and repairs to the Birthplace of Des Moines/Fort Des Moines II Memorial Cabin at Principal Park.  

These funds will be used for needed repairs to the structure; filling gaps to keep out weather, birds and animals; informational interior signage about Fort DM II and the Dragoons; the purchase of three United States Flags (26 Star Flag, 29 Star Flag and 50 Star Flag); the restringing of rope for the flag pole at the Abigail Adams DAR monument; and other incidentals.

The DMHS extends a heartfelt “Thank You” to the Des Moines Chapter of The National Society Colonial Dames of America for their generous donation. Wed., March 22, 2017 several local leaders of the Society brought a donation – and a challenge – to the DMHS at the Birthplace of Des Moines Cabin on Water St. DMHS president David Barzen accepted a check for $1,000.00 earmarked for repairs to the cabin.

In making the award, NSCDA Des Moines Burrough chairman Kay Fenton Smith said the NSCDA members encourage others to support the project. “We also voted to make a further contribution in 2017, of up to $1,000.00 to match contributions to the DMHS for preservation and improvement of the cabin and site,” she said.



You can send a check to: 
     Des Moines Historical Society
     P.O. Box 8038 

     Des Moines, IA 50301. 

Be sure to indicate “Project 1843” in the memo section of your check. 

You can donate online!

Use the PayPal button below.